Ordering & Pricing

email for a quote!


Drawing size: All drawings are printed for standard framing:
8  1/ 2  X 11″   For other sizes please email your request for a quote!

For international orders additional shipping costs will be applied.

You will receive a high resolution digital version of your drawing for free – and if you select one of the inexpensive shipping options, I will also send your original artwork to you in a spiffy envelope. – See more at: http://iwanttodrawacatforyou.com/product/custom-cat-drawing/#sthash.2pl47ReI.dpuf


Single Cartoon Use: I provide cartoons for many commercial purposes, the most common of which are logos for business cards, letterheads, and display advertisements.

Multiple Cartoon Use: Some businesses want to use a series of cartoons for larger projects such as brochures, catalogs, greeting cards, posters — even complete books!   The price is determined after we discuss the complete details of your project.

Graphic Design & Layout: In addition to the cartoon itself you may also want me to create the layout of text and image so that your business card, letterhead, or brochure is camera-ready for printing. This additional service will be quoted separately.

Format: I provide your commissioned artwork in the format you require, which is typically a JPG, PNG, or PDF.


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